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Server: Love Ta Love Ta, Love Ya 

The MAC 
Dallas, TX 

Server: Love Ta, Love Ta LoveYa

...Run back the tape in the VCR…

1997. Miami. MTV. Gold Earrings. The Park. Music. Images.

My brain records images and moments. I play them back. I save them. I recreate them. I am them. I have been saving data my entire life and I wasn’t even noticing.

Now obsessed with recorded moments, I invoke the ones I cherish most.

Everything has existed before, I just chose to display its beauty. Server: Love Ta, Love Ta Love Ya, references a single from 1997 Luv 2 luv U by Timbland. I love these things, the relics, the memories, the prayers. I run them back, replay the moments.  They are the moments that have shaped me. Embedded in my DNA, these are the things that make me me. Server: Love Ta, Love Ta LoveYa, a solo exhibition, gives spaces for all these moments to breathe.

Server serves as a space where identity, culture, and self-actualization can occupy a current sliver of time, all at once. Server, exists as an origin story that encompasses a visual bibliography to my art practice. Server is a mixed media installation that incorporates collage, photographs, audio, moving image, objects, and relics.When brought together, the installation becomes a life-sized view of this bibliography in the real, a physical space and not hosted in virtual.