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You walk through the threshold. Confused, overwhelmed. You are confronted. Many senses are bombarded all at once there’s no one thing to fixate on. The space begins to consume you within seconds of entering. You don’t know whether to look up or down, whether to listen or to watch. Kendrick Lamar echoes through space.

“...Tell me somethin'

You mothafuckas can't tell me nothin'

I'd rather die than to listen to you

My DNA not for imitation ...”

Server serves as a space where identity, culture, and self-actualization can occupy a current can occupy a current sliver of time, all at once. Server, exists as an origin story that encompasses a visual bibliography to my art practice. Server is a mixed media installation that incorporates, collage, photographs, audio, moving image, objects, and relics. When brought together, the installation becomes a life-sized view of this bibliography in the real, and not hosted in virtual.

From objects to relics to images to audio to video I have collected most of materials throughout my lifetime, and they exist in my immediate surroundings. The process of gathering imagery starts from an inventory of data collection that I have been accumulating over the last twelve years via the internet. I have been saving most of these images from Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram. With these images, I created thirteen posters that were a tiny sample of the data I was collecting. The audio manifested itself from a youtube visual playlist that I started compiling over the last few years. The specific mixtapes were created through a collaboration with a local DJ. The video playing on loop is a recording of me scrolling through the last year of my Tumblr feed for twenty- six mins showing how this data exists in the interwebs.

“Nothing without intention, do nothing without intention…” Specific decisions were made about what I wanted to allow to happen in that space. Server, needed to just exist, and it needed to be a whole damn room. With the installation being a full room, I choose to stage myself, others, and objects in this space to inform the viewer of my visual bibliography. Server is a roadmap to understanding the vital influences in my practice.