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Server: checks on the block

New Stories: New Futures

Pioneer Tower
Ft worth Texas
August 20–21 2021

Server: Checks on the Block

A fresh pair of all whites. FOB’s. So fresh and So clean clean, You can lick the bottom.

Nike Air force 1’s are a cultural symbol. The look and the image has been appropriated over the last few decades. There is a nostalgia that happens when it’s late April and you pick up the season's first pair of all whites, summer is near and you need to be fresh. Nike Air Force 1’s have held weight in what happens in  Black culture. Iconography that symbolizes community and unspoken bonds.

Server: Checks on the Block,  takes a deep dive look at where Nike Air Force 1’s exist in present day culture. The replica wall of all white boxes and piles of used, worn, dirty, and fresh pairs of  Forces provide a space for a celebration of culture to happen. Server: Checks on the Block, takes up space and is a visual bibliography of the impact of Blackness in the world of art and streetwear.